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NYSUT is launching the first phase of its new Career Center at NYSUT is building this online Career Center both as a point of entry for new and prospective members and most urgently, to share resources and help for members who may face loss of their jobs. This material is created to enhance the role of the local union and of the labor relations specialist in providing information specific to member needs. The initial materials are geared to help members facing lay off, including defining terms such as recall; providing an interface to education job search engines and information on maintaining benefits; and providing reassurance and perspective that the union is always there for them and continues to fight for their jobs. Material that historically appeared in the print version of "NYSUT Handbook for Laid-off Employees" has been updated and expanded on the site. In includes new information such as the changes in COBRA and extensions in unemployment benefits. These resources, and others still to come, were developed based on surveys of the board of directors and of newer members to determine what online resources would be most useful.




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