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It Benefits you to know...

by Bob Love, Oct 2007 Beacon

United Resource Networks
This is a company that provides products and services that support safe, successful and cost-effective management of patients with complex health conditions. It is ont a health insurance provider. They provide information on choosing the right health care provider, clinic, or medical center. They also provide information on transplantations, cancer, chronic kidney disease, congenital heart disease, infertility, neonatology, obesity, pregnancy, and women's health services. You can contact the United Resources Network at 1-800-847-2050 or through their website, I have heard very good things about their Cancer Resource Services. The number for the Cancer Resource Services is 1-866-936-6002.

Updating Your Coverage
Ask yourself, "Have any changes happened in my life that I should have let Human Resources know about?" They're good over there, but they're not psychic. So, if you think a change has occurred that might affect your benefits, let Human Resources and the Union know in writing. A few examples are:

  • your marital status - married, divorced, widowed
  • your dependents - new eligible, no longer eligible
  • you or your dependent(s) become eligible for Medicare benefits, whether you turn 65 or are under age 65 with a disability. You must register for Part B of Medicare through Social Security three months before age 65. Failure to do so will impact your health coverage.
  • If your address changed

Any changed you have should be hand delivered to Human Resources at the Hines Building. If you can not deliver it yourself the mailing address is Eastern Suffolk BOCES, 201 Sunrise Highway, Patchogue, NY 11772, attn: Human Resources. The address for the Union is BOCES Educator's of Eastern Suffolk, 440 Waverly Ave, Building 4, Suite 12, Patchogue, NY 11772, attn: Marje Strawbridge.

FSA Enrollment
Here's that November deadline again. But this time you can save some money. FSA, Flexible Spending Account, allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain health care and dependent care expenses. BUT, you need to know your expenses. If your expenses don't equal up to the amount you contribute you will lose your unspent contributions. The money you can save from the tax advantage can be well worth the effort of researching your expenses in calculating how much you should contribute. My suggestion would be to start out small and increase your contribution each year as you learn how the FSA plan works. Your building should be receiving information sheets and enrollment forms about the beginning of November. Some OTC medical purchases are now eligible expenses. Check with the plan advisor for specifics. Remember you will need an original receipt when submitting for reimbursement.

NYS Employee's Retirement System Planning Resources
Preparing for Retirement - a new seven part series is now available on the website in video, slide shows or text versions
Members of the NYSERS can visit the website to explore their retirement options.
Contact the Consultation Site Office toll-free at 1-866-805-0990 to schedule an appointment at the Hauppauge office.


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