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It Benefits you to know...

by Gail Reissman, Oct 2007 Beacon

In BOCES there are three designations for paraprofessionals: classroom teacher aide, individual teacher aide and teaching assistant. Here are the basic duties and differences between each job assignment. Paraprofessionals work under the direct supervision of the teacher and building administrators.

Classroom Teacher Aide:
The duties of a classroom teacher aide are to assist teachers in non-teaching duties.
Some examples of typical duties for teacher aides are:

  1. Management of records, materials and equipment
  2. Management of the physical and behavioral needs of children
  3. Supervising students in areas such as cafeterias, playgrounds, and at dismissal.
  4. Assisting with scoring and duplication of tests and quizzes
  5. Monitoring students while performing tasks assigned by the teacher
  6. Other related tasks as may be assigned by an immediate supervisor.
  7. Tending to the physical needs of children, especially multiply handicapped special education students.

Classroom teacher aides are responsible for the entire class as well as bus duty, lunch duty.

Individual Teacher Aide:

  1. Individual teacher aides are responsible for one assigned student, supervising their student during all activities.
  2. Individual teacher aides must escort their student to specials and all related services. The individual aide must remain with the student to whom they are assigned during all related service sessions. An Individual Aide may be excused from remaining with their student during individual counseling sessions to maintain confidentiality.
  3. They are responsible for bus, lunch, specials, physical and educational needs as determined by the teacher. They are to remain with their student during these times.

Teaching Assistant:
The teaching assistant may, under the general supervision of a licensed or certified teacher, be involved with the direct instruction of students. Their duties are to assist teachers by performing functions such as:

  1. Working with individual or small groups of children on special instructional projects.
  2. Providing the teacher with input about pupils to assist the teacher in developing appropriate learning experiences.
  3. Assisting students by using available instructional resources and assisting the teacher by aiding in the development of instructional materials
  4. Utilizing their own special skills and ability by assisting in a variety of programs, such as foreign language, arts, crafts, etc.
  5. Assisting in other related instructional work as may be required, and in performing any or all of the duties assigned to the teacher aide.
  6. Other related tasks as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor
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