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In February, the AFT executive council approved a joint venture to start an online resource bank for educators. On June 19th, the AFT, with Britain's TES Connect, launched Share My Lesson, an online community for U.S. teachers to collaborate and share teaching resources and innovative ideas. This initiative is the single most important tool for improving the teaching profession that the AFT has launched in more than a generation.

Check out right now.

Share My Lesson creates an online community for teachers to get and share instructional resources at no charge. It's by teachers, for teachers - preschool through college. The website will allow teachers to upload their own resources, review and rate resources on the site, and download anything for their own use. Additionally, there will be tens of thousands of resources from hundreds of content partners.

We couldn't have a better partner for this joint venture than TES Connect, the world's largest network of teachers with more than 2 million registered users and more than 400,000 resources.

There are other sites out there, but Share My Lesson is different. It's by teachers, for teachers. It's absolutely free. It's large in scope (in both the variety of materials and the range of content). It's a one-stop shop for all educators. And it has an algorithm that processes teachers' ratings and the number of downloads so that the "best" resources, as rated by teachers, rise to the top of search results.

Also, articles can be found in the New York Times,and Education Week.

Updated July 14, 2016


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