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LEVEL 1 - Effective April 13, 2006, Level 1 is now valid for three years with a possibility of renewal for three additional years to meet the experience requirement for the Level 2 Teaching Assistant Certificate.  Level 1 requires the NYS exam, which is called the ATAS (Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills), the Child Abuse Workshop, School Violence and Prevention Workshop and your fingerprint clearance.

Please be aware that you MUST take the first ATAS exam that is offered after you are hired.  If you are continuing your education to become a teacher, you may take the LAST exam in place of the ATAS exam.

LEVEL 2 – Valid for three years and is not renewable. This level requires one year of experience as a NYS Licensed Teaching Assistant. It is the choice of the member/employee if they choose to maintain the level 2 status or go to the level 3 status earlier than the 3 year time frame.

LEVEL 3 – Valid continuously with the completion of 75 hours of Professional Development Hours EVERY 5 years. Please be aware of the fact that the 5 year Professional Development Cycle begins on July 1 following the issuance date of the Level 3 Certificate.  This means, don’t start your Professional Development hours earlier or they won’t be valid for use.

This level also requires one year experience as a NYS Licensed Teaching Assistant and INS Permanent Residence or U.S. Citizenship.

Pre Professional – Valid for 5 years, may be renewed with matriculation in a Teacher Preparation Program and completion of 30 semester hours of collegiate study. This also requires enrollment in a NYS Registered Program in Teacher Education and one year experience as a NYS Licensed Teaching Assistant.

In addition to the above, just a few "other" FYIs:

  1. Remember, each level has a $35.00 fee
  2. Teacher Assistants hired after Feb 1, 2004 are allowed to take any of the Article 7 Staff Development Hours given monthly at various BOCES sites.
  3. Teacher Assistants hired before Feb 1, 2004 (with the exception of the old BOCES 1 Teacher Assistants) do NOT have to take Professional Development hours.
  4. ALL Teahcer Assistant Certificates are PORTABLE. This is a change in our understanding. It has recently come to our attention that this was changed at the State level years ago.
  5. It is YOUR choice as to HOW and WHEN you take the 75 hours of Professional Development so long as they are completed within the 5 year time frame.
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